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Letters to the editor: Stop these attacks on women please

Wednesday, 7 November 2012 - 4:42am IST | Agency: dna

Three women living alone were targeted by criminals within a span of 24 hours and they managed to quite easily make good their escape.

Stop these attacks on women please 
Three women living alone were targeted by criminals within a span of 24 hours and they managed to quite easily make good their escape. The murder of the 78-year-old was most gruesome; the rape of the young Spanish woman most disgraceful; and money and phone robbed from packed bags at the house of another elderly lady absolutely shocking. This is a new low after the insecurity women face daily on the streets – whether it is chain-snatching, eve-teasing, molestation, in full public view – and just no one will dare to help them. How long will our women have to face this all on their own? In another area, there's enough evidence on sexual discrimination and harassment in the workplace. According to a study by researchers at Michigan University, 90% of women surveyed said they were subjected to gender harassment, which included offensive remarks about their appearance. Cruel jokes are spread among women by SMS. It just gets worse by the day. Something has to be done and quickly, so women and elders are secure.
—Jayanthy S Maniam, Mumbai

'Ladies, this city is no longer safe' highlights three attacks on women. But just how many more have gone unreported? It's so evident that the law enforcement agencies, with the exception of a very few personnel, are not just corrupt, but incompetent. Protection for the aam aadmi is not in their manual. Protecting our corrupt politicians is their top priority. Can we citizens not plan some steps to manage our security?
—Suru Shivdasani, by email 

Law breakers
Apropos of 'Drunk policemen thrash 17-year-old boy to death', was distressful. This is a clear case of police brutality that must be condemned. How come these constables were drunk while on duty? When law enforcers turn into law breakers, who will protect common people? These policemen must be punished and the cash benefits on their termination should be given to the next of kin of the youth who they attacked and killed.
—NR Ramachandran, Ooty

It is such a shame that the protectors of the law behave so cruelly with teenagers, but are not able to confront criminals having a field day. The worst part is that senior police officials try to shield such subordinates. These constables should have been suspended first for being drunk on duty and then arrested for murder.
—Sudhakar SG, Mumbai

Check Gadkari's IQ
I agree with Shobhaa De's comments that Nitin Gadkari should immediately go for an IQ test. But what purpose would the test serve when we can see that our political leaders lack even common sense. Common sense is not common in Indian politics. Our leaders waste time presiding over worthless ribbon-cutting ceremonies, or seminars on science that they understand little about, and yet lecture at such knowledgeable gatherings. They do not think much about comparing Swami Vivekanand and Dawood Ibrahim. They do not seem to know the difference between Baramati and Sabarmati. What can we expect from the representatives in Maharashtra, where 26 MLAs of the Congress and 24 MLAs of the Nationalist Congress Party face criminal cases? If there was some sincerity, we would not have suffered the kind of loot in the Rs1,000 crore scam over food for poor children and their mothers. When will these leaders get down to do real work for the welfare of the people?
—Narayan Badmanji, Khopoli

Expect a surprise
Apropos of 'On poll eve, it's one last swing', while it may appear a close contest, the world is going to witness a big surprise: Barack Obama will win the elections hands down. Obama has an edge over Mitt Romney as Americans will not like to tilt the apple cart, as they believe he can fulfil the promise of change he made. Also, if Obama continues in the White House for another term he would be under more pressure to get the job done, to vindicate the trust of the voters.
—Fiona Waltair, Chennai

Good Test selection
Apropos of 'Selectors present a straight bat', th e selection committee could not have selected a better Test team in the circumstances. India is playing against a team that has a trick or two up its sleeve. England has proved that it is a good Test team and its Ashes success has not faded from memory. Therefore, it was imperative that we get a side that has a mix of experience and youth. Murali Vijay, who was out of form in the IPL, has come back strongly with a big innings in the domestic matches. He can be a dodgy
customer for the Englishmen, on home ground. Ajinkya Rahane's selection was also expected and the youngster now has a huge opportunity to make a mark with this opportunity. Yuvraj Singh's return to the Test team is testimony to the spirit of this fighter, who confirmed his staying ability in a recent Ranji encounter. Perhaps the only bone of contention was the selection of Harbhajan Singh. But the experienced and wily spinner can be a tough customer for the Englishmen, who are not exactly known for their capacity to negotiate spin. Suresh Raina's omission, however, is painful. The dashing left-hander was given ample chances, but somehow failed to come good. But time is on his side and he could bounce back soon.
—Ganapathi Bhat, Akola

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