How eating plums this season could do wonders for you

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Plums are actually native to China, America, Europe and the Kaukasus. It comes in different seasons with different varieties, size and colour. Plums are also available in the market in dried state. Fresh ripe plums glaze for its dusty white outer layer which is easily erased just by washing these in water. The juicy part is very sweet giving a perfect delighting taste while eating. It is drupe shaped in structure with a flattish pointed stone. The fresh plums contain a hard stone type inedible seed and it is surrounded by the sweet juicy pulp which may be yellow, crimson, light blue or light green colour and with a wonderful taste. Here’s a list of some benefits of plums:
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Rich in antioxidants

Plums are full of antioxidants which are very beneficial for the body. Beta carotenes are also available in plums. These compounds are the substances that protect you from different types of cancers like lung and oral cavity cancers etc. Another antioxidant known as Anththocyanins is present in the plums that make the fruit red colour. It is also present in strawberries and other red coloured berries. That is why plums have properties to prevent cell damaging.

Heart benefits
Plums contain minerals like potassium, fluoride and iron which are required for red blood cell formation. So this makes the heart rate moderate and checks blood pressure. That is why the nutritional benefits of plums provides you a healthy heart.

Good for eyes
Vitamin A is most essential for healthy eyes and good vision. It keeps mucus membrane healthy. One of the important dietary fibre known as zeaxanthin is best for your retina. It protects the eyes from harmful UV light.
Aids digestion
Plums stimulate the bowel movement. Its skin contains a substance that is responsible for that effect so if you peel the fruit you won’t be bothered with the well-known side effects of this lovely fruit. The compounds, sorbitol and isatin found in plums help to regulate the functioning of the digestive system and relieve constipation.

Beneficial for weight loss
It also removes toxins and prevents constipation leading to lose weight naturally. Plum is rich in fibre and antioxidants which aid proper digestion and good metabolism. It contains citric acid which prevents tiredness and cramps. It also improves liver and gastrointestinal function. Thus eating plums or drinking plum juice regularly will help you shed those extra pounds easily.

Culinary benefits
Plums can be made into wine, jam and chutney, juices, jellies, marmalades and cakes. They can be eaten raw as well can be used in some dishes as an ingredient.
Used for making wine
Plum is used for the production of wine in China, cider-like alcoholic beverage (called plum jerkum) in England and for plum brandy (called slivovitz) in Serbia. Plum can survive up to 20 years when it is cultivated under optimal conditions.

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