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Friday, 29 November 2013 - 9:57am IST | Agency: DNA
Cosmetic Physician and anti aging expert, answers your problems.

I am 19-years-old. Due to weight loss, I have stretch marks on my hands, stomach and legs. I use aloe vera creams but they do not make any visible difference. Can you recommend something?—Pooja
Stretch marks are the toughest to treat. Please do not expect them to fully vanish. However, they can be improved. Start moisturising the area really well twice a day. Use special products for stretch marks with essential oils rich in vitamin E like Bio Oil or creams that assist collagen repair like with glycolic acid. Take supplements of vitamin E and C, Omega 3, 6, 9 etc. Also, do not scratch them. At your doctor’s office, try peels, dermabrasion, micro needling, radio frequency — combination treatments give you great results.

I am a very fair girl. I have a lot of pimples only on my cheeks. I have combination skin. It looks very bad. I have tried a lot of treatments but nothing has worked. Please help with some home remedies and other solutions. —Sheena

Home remedies for persistent acne is going to be of no benefit. Please visit your doctor. There could be an underlying issue that can be treated. For now, keep your skin clean. Use a pack with fuller’s earth or sandalwood powder. Try a curd, lemon and sugar scrub, Apply Benzoyl peroxide cream at night on your cheeks, and a light moisturising lotion and sunscreen through the day.

I wanted to know about sunblock. Do you need to use a high SPF in the winter too? I tend to have dry skin.

It is important to know that we are not trying to protect against visible sunlight but UV rays. This passes through windows, fabric, cloud etc. So you need to wear sunblock, whether cloudy or windy. Also, there are UV rays from your computer, TV, lights too. I post skincare videos on my Facebook page regularly and there are plenty of sunscreens, do look them up.

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