Boredom-The new malaise

Thursday, 28 November 2013 - 9:38am IST | Agency: DNA

BORING. I reserve the same loathing for this ugly word as most do for the ‘N’ word. It irks me no end. I would wipe the darned thing out of the dictionary if I could. Suffice to say if there is one sentiment that is alien to me and ought to be for others it is the state of Boredom. Really you have no excuse.

It’s almost become a fashion statement. Perfectly coiffed socialite encased in Leger, Cristal flute in French-manicured hand, sighing to assembled ladies in waiting/chamchis, “I’m so bored, Darling” as though it were some sort of new age mantra for the chi chi, to be chanted ad nauseam.

As kids we were never allowed to use the word. Uttering it would invoke the Wrath of Kali also known as Mother. We would be sat down like little delinquents and treated to a stern soapbox style lecture on how we had no business to be uninspired. That it was our responsibility to find things, activities and thoughts to occupy our vacant minds. That inspiration ultimately came from within.
And Boredom was merely the sign of a poorly used intellect and a lazy imagination. Much as I love to poke fun of my mum, I have to hand it to her. She couldn’t have been more right on the money.

Today’s young ones seem to suffer from a chronic version of the malaise that struck us only on occasion. Bored parents tend to breed bored whippersnappers I suppose.  The truth is that our kids are over-scheduled, over stimulated with objects and over-compensated for the lack of parental attention they receive. It’s one tuition after another, ballet classes to bhangra and leisure time is merely the assault of PlayStations and their ilk.  Little wonder then that they lack the essential life skill that is the ability to entertain yourself. To reap the simple pleasures of distracted daydreaming and doing nothing. I refuse to be bored. There is always, always, always something to be riveted by. Even the most god-awful inane movie can be the birthplace of discussion, debate and contemplation. To say one is bored is to admit that one is unaffected by everything. And that is the sorriest state you can possibly find yourself in.

A Mind that is Alive can create Alchemy. It can take the most ordinary of stimuli and turn them into a mental pleasure dome, packed with fantasy and adventure. A Soul that is at Peace can find Beauty in the Art of Doing Sweet F@@@ All. It’s all down to you.

So, the next time you are tempted to utter that despicable B word, perhaps you need to change the statement from “I’m bored” to the far more truthful, “I am boring.”

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