'Narendra Modi isn't anti-Muslim,' defends Baba Ramdev

Thursday, 17 April 2014 - 12:01pm IST | Agency: Zee News Bureau

After Narendra Modi's latest interview, Baba Ramdev defends him by telling mediapersons that Modi is not anti-Muslim. “A negative impression of his is being created by a few instilling fear against Narendra Modi in the minds of the people. I feel that Modiji surely has a soft-corner for our Muslim brothers as 50% of the votes he won were by Muslim voters.

It is not just Baba Ramdev who has been trying to defend Modi convincing people that Modi isn't anti-Muslim, Salim Khan, veteran scriptwriter and actor Salman Khan's father also helped launch Narendra Modi's official website in Urdu. Salim Khan also said that,“Muslims will be safe in Modi's reign.”

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