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Modi's victory speech — I will visit Delhi on Dec 27

Thursday, 20 December 2012 - 5:47pm IST

Narendra Modi is currently giving his victory speech in Ahmedabad.

Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 17:47 IST
  • "The results of the Gujarat elections have proven that the citizens of this country know very well what is right and what is wrong."
  • "Keeping the future in mind, the voter decides. The results have shown how mature the voters of Gujarat have become. They have risen over greed and castism and relegion based politics."
  • If Gujarat prospers, so will I.
  • The political pundits of the country must understand that Gujarat has seen and experienced caste differences well.
Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 17:48 IST
  • There was a tradition that govt's would come and go every five years.
  • Nothing good would happen for the people
  • The responsibility of the government increases when they come to power after completing their term
  • The whole country is talking about Narendra Modi always.
  • But if you want to talk about anybody today, it should be of  my 6 crore Gujaratis who are the real heroes today
  • We have set an example in the country
Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 17:55 IST
  • The results show that if the voters see good governance and development, they vote for the government
  • I would like to convey this message to the whole country through Gujarat's voters that the country should have good governance and development. The national leaders should understand that the citizens what these and not divide and rule politics
Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 17:57 IST
  • I thank the citizens for giving me strength to take the right decisions for them
  • I have tried to not make any individual comments on anyone through this entire election process. I have tried to respect everyone
  • There are no enemies in democracy, there are only competitors
  • Elections are a game and I have won it fair and square
  • I apologies to my 6 crore Gujarati brothers and sisters if I made any mistake in this process
Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 18:04 IST
  • People thought when I came to power the second time, I would lay back and relax
  • But don't you dare think like that about me. My next five years are dedicated to the citizens of this sate
  • I promise to fight for the state
  • You made me win by electing BJP, but I have something to ask from you. You have given me power, but you must give me your blessings so that I do not make any mistakes in future either
  • For me, the citizens are 'God' and if God gives me blessings, there will be no chances of making any mistake
Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 18:05 IST
  • This victory is for my 6 crore Gujaratis
  • This victory is for the citizens across the country who have suffered
Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 18:10 IST
  • I want to take Gujarat a lot further
  • I want to take to that place where development itself knocks at the door of the state
Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 18:11 IST
  • I wonder what state the opposition will be tonight
  • They must not be able to digest this defeat
  • God knows if they will be able to sleep or not
  • Please pray for their peace of mind, because I doubt they have any
  • You have to agree, winning is winning and BJP has won
Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 18:15 IST
  • The blessings I got from my sisters and mothers in Gujarat have been my biggest strength. The youngsters were the rock for my campaign helping to execute it in the state. The figures that have come in have a very big margin and the good wishes of my well-wishers can be seen in it. These are new political trends
  • Respect all those who have decided to give the country a new direction. These polls show a new trend of the people's faith and my confidence in myself are the two pillars that helped me win and which will help me to lead the state in the coming 5 years that will bring a change in Gujarat
  • I will work for the betterment of the people
Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 18:24 IST
  • I invite the citizens of the country to come to Gujarat and look for employment, medical surgeries, etc
  • We are ready to serve you
  • We are team BJP, team Gujarat that is ready to serve you. I am just a small part of this team
Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 18:27 IST
  • I want to stand on the faith you have shown me
  • I want to do something that will justify the faith you have in me
  • I hope to visit Delhi one day... And the crowd breaks out shouting slogans "PM, PM" indicating their will to see him being elected as the prime minister
  • I earn my daily bread. I choose to serve the 6 crore Gujaratis and in this way serve my Mother India. What I do is serve my country with the work I do for the citizens of Gujarat
  • What I have achieved is not my own but belongs to the BJP
Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 18:29 IST

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