Salman Khan's a family to me: Subhash Ghai

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 - 7:30am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Subhash Ghai informs that a film with the actor is on the cards

MAfter a break of six years (Yuvraaj in 2008) Subhash Ghai is directing a film with newcomers Mishti and Kartik Tiwari. While the film is set to release this month Ghai is already working on his next, a love story with Salman Khan. Here he talks about his films, heroes and cine fraternity...

Has Salman agreed to workin your next film?
We both have agreed to work together and announce the dates only once script is locked. Salman has told me that he would work with me even if Kaanchi doesn't work at the box-office. He is family to me.

Will your next film be again a love story?
Yes, I will go for a love story. It provides me lot of music and dance. Kaanchi provides love, action, drama with rural and metro touch.

Why did you decide to make Kaanchi with newcomers?
After the multi-starrer Yuvraaj, I realised not to run after stars but make a film, that I want to make as I made in the past, which are still fresh after 20 years. I have the talent, a good story to tell on screen provided I control all creatives and discipline of making a good movie. So I decided to make Kaanchi with a new cast.

Can you tell us what Kaanchi is about?
Apart from good music, it has a great story and emotions which the youth of today will identify with. I have a song written by Irshad Kamil which says sare jahan se achcha woh hindustan kahaan hain and is relevant to the politics of today.

Though the film is with newcomers apparently the budget of Kaanchi is as lavish and high as a big star cast one would be...
I can never compromise on the quality of filmmaking. As I never did in new stars movies like Hero or any movie with less selling stars like Pardes Taal and Kisna. Kaanchi has been an expensive film for my company but I am sure they will recover it and be proud of it.

Is it true that for Kaanchi first you had approached Salman, then Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik and when they all refused you went for newcomers.
Not for Kaanchi, but before Kaanchi I was talking to all stars but not with any concrete script or proposal. I was just trying to know their mood and situations. I felt they were over committed to focus on my movie. I always cast those stars who are equally keen and compatible to my workings.

Do you feel disillusioned sometimes that you made the career of so many stars and yet they are not there for your films today?
Not for a minute. They are in a different space today and I must respect that. We still enjoy a relationship of mutual love and respect. I have a huge capacity of grooming new stars so I am enjoying my space. Making a film with newcomers is a big high than making blockbusters with stars which is a luxury.

Where did you discover Mishti?
After auditioning 300 girls for six months I had given up if I would make kaanchitill I met Mishti through my chief assistant director Arindum Ray.

Mishti looks a younger version of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sneha Ullal...
It's not true. We have a habit of comparing a newly born baby to someone we know.

Rishi Kapoor and Mithun Chakroborty are doing songs in Kaanchi. Have you roped in other senior actors too?
Not except these two. Mahima Chowdhary comes in a part of a song kambal ke neeche

Why do you sign your heroines or name them with letter M (except Aishwarya)?
It's just a co-incidence.

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