Out on a joy ride, in conversation with the cast of Double Seat

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 - 8:31am IST | Place: Pune | Agency: DNA
They have had some amazing roles to their credit. Now they will be seen together for the first time onscreen. Sheetal Soni talks to actors Mukta Barve and Ankush Choudhary, and director Sameer Vidwans about their upcoming film, Double Seat...

What is Double Seat all about?
Sameer: It is about a dream every individual sees in his daily life; not every person might start working toward it. This movie will show the struggle involved in fulfilling the dream. Every person has a special connection with double seat. While riding a two-wheeler, both the individuals are an equal part of the journey. In this movie we cover the ups and downs of that journey.

Tell us more about the title Double Seat ?
Ankush: These days, we all travel by car. Unlike a two-wheeler, lovers cannot come close in a car. The movie shows the exciting feeling of traveling together on a two-wheeler, which brings two people close. From one place to another the journey is completed together by both the partners, to raise the level of living. In a relationship each is equally important to the other for love and support they share. Everyone needs this support from one’s partner to complete the journey of life. This movie captures the moments of the double seat journey and hence the name.

What is that unique element in this movie people can look forward to?
Sameer: Mukta and Ankush have first time been paired together onscreen. I am sure people will enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed working with them. Also, this movie talks about the spirit of a common person to keep moving in life. We have not showed anything larger than life, everything is presented in a realistic way. People can relate to the story for sure.

How was it working with each other?
Mukta: The journey has been very enjoyable and entertaining. It is filled with many small memories that we will cherish for life. The director and the producer have very fresh and creative ideas; it was a great experience working with them on those ideas. It was fun shooting the songs of the movie and we were in love with each other’s character. We kept adoring throughout how well the scenes have been shot. The entire shoot turned out to be very smooth.
Ankush: During the shoot I was also interested in the scenes I was not a part of, which does not normally happen. In fact I enjoyed the shoot so much that I wish to request Sameer to extend the shoot by at least 20 days.

Tell us about your real life double seat experiences?
Ankush: Double seat is not only about people in a relationship but also every other person who is a pillion on a motorbike and whom we share the journey with. I have had many memories with mom riding pillion with me or a younger brother on his way to school. The feeling we get on a two-wheeler cannot be replaced by any other vehicle. Basically I am very much like the character I am playing.
Mukta: ‘maazi gaadi azun rikaami ahe’. I am still waiting for the right one!

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