I’ve always been the controversy queen: Ekta Kapoor

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 - 8:57am IST Updated: Tuesday, 14 August 2012 - 8:58am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

The producer talks about her run-ins with censors; also talks about competition among fellow filmmakers and her take on marriage.

Till a few years back, producer Ekta Kapoor was hailed as the undisputed soap queen of the small screen. Cut to now, thanks to her run-ins with the censor board of late, she now seems to have become the ‘controversy queen’ of the big screen!

But Ekta insists that she’s always been that. “By now I’m pretty used to being dragged in one panga after another. My films like The Dirty Picture or Kya Super Kool Hain Hum facing censor trouble or other such issues may be new, but I have been courting trouble right from the time I set foot in the industry,” she says referring to the flak she faced when changing gears on the small screen to shift focus onto saas-bahu sagas and kitchen politics. “I was accused about being regressive back then and God only knows what not. In fact, what I face today is nothing in comparison. It’s far lesser now. But you choose what you do and I choose to walk my way. The success of these films only reinforces my faith,” explains the producer as we catch up with her for a quick chat. Here Ekta also reveals her fears and talks about marriage…

Your films seem to be getting higher on sexual content. Sex sells?
No it’s not just about that. Both my recent films are what I would call sexually liberating, though each in its own way. And it’s nothing that we don’t see around us. It’s just that we’ve put it out on screen. We all laugh on adult and naughty jokes in real life, so why not laugh with onscreen characters?

You are one of the strongest players in Bollywood today, what’s your take on competition?
I think it’s fabulous and very healthy, the way it is at present. I mean we are competitors when it comes to business, but we are also friends.  So we are supportive of each other and rooting for our films. We are more like allies than foes and definitely very respectful about each others work. I think the admiration comes out of respect. And personally you are not looking at beating the other filmmaker, but trying to better your own film, so it’s positive.

Is there anything you fear?

I am paranoid and damn scared on the day my film’s release. I had thought by the time I am few films old, the fear would subside. But n, I still get nervous.

Now that you have lost oodles of weight and looking rather fab yourself, how about acting?

No way. I am so not an actor! I can’t face the camera, I start laughing the minute I do.


Not for now. I don’t want to take that much on my platter.

What about marriage? Isn’t there family pressure?
Well, I don’t know if my family’s talking about it. I am so busy that I hardly get to talk to them. So, I have no clue if they discuss my marriage. As for me, like I said, where is the time, yaar?`


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