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Why Azam Khan needs to get a reality check

Wednesday, 9 April 2014 - 1:49pm IST | Agency: dna webdesk

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Come general elections, and we see all party candidates lose every inch of sense they possess. Public bashing of opponents, making incendiary statements on sensitive issues – we’ve seen it all in the run-up to these polls (or so we thought!).  

Azam Khan seems to be in the mood for shocking us, with his opinions on everything – ranging from the opponents to the Kargil war. Stooping to disgusting levels of playing the minority card, Azam Khan, who is a ministerial candidate from Uttar Pradesh, claimed that the war was won because of Muslims (and not Hindus) who fought in the war. Why Mr Khan, why?

Over-sensitising the Kargil issue doesn’t make you seem any more intelligent or concerned for your community’s welfare than you already are.

As a matter of fact, if that were the case we would like to know why the Muzaffarnagar happened during your tenure. If you have our Muslim brothers’ best interests at heart while making all these blasphemous statements, please supplement it with a valid reason for your absenteeism post riots.

When you state causes like the seven pending cases in the Supreme court, not only do you make yourself sound like one fool of a person but also a politician who can’t even make up an excuse.
(Note: In India, making excuses is a quality that you must have to contest elections. How else do you think parties stay in power for a decade without being accountable for even one rape case or riot in their regime?)

 You claimed Narendra Modi was a darinda (demon) and Amit Shah was a mahagunda (top goon). Do let us know how different are you from your descriptions of the opponents? A quick Google search on you can open your Pandora’s Box too. Like the one instance where you claimed that our Taj Mahal shouldn’t have been built in the first place? Or maybe the one where your seven cows were lost and the nation was witness to a search of the largest scale in UP? When we talk about your controversies how can we even forget the allegedly “furbished” statement you made about Kashmir not being a part of India?  

If Modi has the lives of innocents on his hands, so do you with the Muzaffarnagar riots.

If that wasn’t enough you go so far ahead to claim that the media is biased with the content it published on the Muzaffarnagar riots. According to you, the “news waalas” showcased only the effect of these riots and not the causative agents. It is funny then, that you conveniently forget about your own contribution to the communal flame that rocked the state. The petitioner’s reports claiming that you incited the riots by releasing the seven youngsters who killed the two Jats is out there for everyone to see.  

So if you truly need us to believe that you have ours (and our Muslim brothers’) well-being at heart, you need to step up to the cause and do something other than public bashing of anybody within a mile’s radius of you. Divide and Rule might have worked with our ancestors and during the era of the British but sadly, being in the 21st century as voters, we believe in being Indians first and a member of our religious community later.


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