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Thursday, 23 January 2014 - 11:24am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna

Hult International Business School provides an open learning platform to foster innovation and intellectual growth, says its president Dr Steven Hodges in a chat with Gauri Rane.

Why should Dubai be the preferred destination for education? 
Dubai is already considered one of the most important economies in the world. The UAE is actively investing in different sectors to generate growth in this region. With people coming here from all over the world to take advantage of various opportunities, Dubai is being looked upon as a gateway between East and West.  The UAE Ministry of Higher Education is proactively inviting global educational institutions to invest and open branches here.

Such institutions have a specific location, where they can operate in a community that facilitates access to an enriching learning experience for students. Dubai is opening up an experience for students, and generating new opportunities for those interested in exploring a career within the region. Most international students coming to study here have this region in mind when thinking of future career opportunities. They know they will not only find good  education, but also a chance to build a career.
What is the USP of Hult, and what are its important programmes?
 At Hult, we not only teach international business, but also let our students experience it.  The unique opportunity to study in Dubai to experience the Middle East is only one component of what we offer. Our students get to experience different countries, cultures, and markets, while gaining a truly global network. Most of them are looking for international business at all levels including an MBA, specialised Masters and the undergraduate programmes.

Indian students are looking for a global exposure to help them to accelerate their careers. We have campuses in Shanghai, Dubai, London, Boston, San Francisco and a rotation centre in New York City. You can study at up to three campuses in a year and work for six weeks on a real-world business problem. Our alumni network spans the globe!

Where do you get your students from; how many from India?
Our students come from all over. We believe that the student experience is greatly enhanced by having a highly diverse student body. The experiences that students share with their classmates add to their learning experience. India represents approximately 15 per cent  of the total number of students. The number varies depending on the programme.
How do you align your institution’s goals with the larger goal of making Dubai a knowledge hub?
When we decided to open a campus in Dubai, our focus was student centric. How can  we  give our students a different experience and opportunities in this region. Dubai was a great choice because of its living standards, growth opportunities, and multi-cultural openness. The UAE economy is growing and with that, the need for talent. Students can be sure to get a good return on their investment. In return, Hult is training educated and business-savvy individuals who can help Dubai on its path to prosperity.
Give us information on scholarships and bursaries!
We have several scholarship and financial aid opportunities for talented students. The eligibility criteria vary depending on the scholarship category. We always consider the academic and professional experience of our students, and their communication skills. What makes them unique and how they will contribute to Hult is important. We help our talented candidates as much as we can. We advise students to consider the investment they are making and plan for their education. We recommend that students apply early for the first crack at our financial aid and scholarship opportunities.
Are the degrees and diplomas you issue in Dubai same as the parent institution?
All Hult degrees are accredited by NEASC, our main accreditation body in the US. Most of our programmes demand that students actually rotate within the campuses to ensures quality and to adhere to standards across the globe.
What is your placement record like?
Our previous track record for MBA for instance, includes an 80 per cent placement within three months of graduation with an average salary of 90,000 USD. Our global career services teams guide students right from the time they start the programme. We have corporate relations teams across campuses connecting with organisations to build partnerships and understand their needs. We have a large number of partner companies that include: KPMG, IBM, Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson, PWC, etc.

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