Apr 1, 2024, 02:34 PM IST

8 most dangerous prisons in the world 

Deepika Shakya

Here are most dangerous prisons in the world

Overcrowding, violence, and lack of basic facilities make this prison notorious for its brutal conditions and high mortality rates.

La Sabaneta (Venezuela)

Executions, and inhumane treatment of prisoners, Tadmor gained loss of reputation during the Syrian Civil War.

Tadmor Prison (Syria)

Located in New York City, Rikers Island is known for violence, corruption, and a culture of abuse against prompting calls for reform.

Rikers Island (United States)

Infamous for its overcrowding and gang violence 

 La Sante Prison (France)

 Diyarbakir has a dark reputation for human rights abuses.

Diyarbakir Prison (Turkey)

Well known for its brutality, overcrowding, and lack of medical care

Black Beach Prison (Equatorial Guinea)

Kamiti has been criticized for its poor conditions and human rights abuses.

Kamiti Maximum Security Prison (Kenya)

Black Beach Prison has drawn disapproval from human rights groups.

Black Beach Prison (Equatorial Guinea)