May 20, 2024, 10:34 PM IST

Why elephants are afraid of bees

Prashant Tamta

Elephants are the largest land animals. They are not even afraid of the king of the jungle.

It may sound odd, but elephants are afraid of tiny bees.

They flap their ears, stir up dust and make noises when they hear the buzz of a beehive.

A bee’s stinger can’t penetrate the thick hide of an elephant.

When hundreds of bees sting an elephant in its most sensitive areas, they get hurt.

These areas are the elephant's trunk, mouth and eyes.

This is why elephants are so terrified of the tiny insects.

Many farmers use the elephant’s fear of bees as a potential fence line to protect crops.

By putting beehives every 20m including fake hives, a team has shown that they can keep 80% of elephants away from farmland.