Jun 17, 2024, 11:01 PM IST

Who discovered universe?

Pavan Naidu

Image: NASA

Pavan Naidu

During the period of 1923 to 1925, an American scientist named Edwin Hubble made many discoveries pertaining to the universe.

In October 1923, Hubble by using the Hooker telescope spotted what he first thought was a nova star striking luminously in the Andromeda Galaxy, originally named Andromeda Nebula.

Image: NASA

He found out that what he'd been deeply examining from the photographic plates of the same area taken previously by other astronomers was a peculiar star known as a Cepheid that could be used for distance measurement.

It showed Hubble that Andromeda was far away, a million light-years at least. Thus it was a galaxy in its own containing billions of stars.

Edwin Hubble became the first scientist to discover the origin of the universe. Hubble was also the first to discover other galaxies.

Hubble proved that there is a direct link between the speed of galaxies and their distances from the Earth.

He also proved that the universe is not static, but it is constantly expanding.

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