Jun 24, 2024, 11:24 AM IST

Who burnt Nalanda University?

Ritik Raj

Nalanda University was established by Emperor Kumar Gupta in the fifth century AD and remained a prominent seat of learning from the 5th to the 12th centuries.

Students from China, Mongolia, Tibet, Korea, and other Asian countries flocked to the university because of its international reputation for providing high-quality education.

Prospective students were tested by a teacher before being admitted to Mahavihara, Nalanda's centre for teaching Mahayana Buddhism.

While Mahayana Buddhism was the primary focus, Nalanda also offered a diverse range of educational opportunities.

Bakhityar Khilji's actions at the end of the 12th century resulted in the destruction of the monastery and the burning of the renowned library, resulting in the loss of over 9 million manuscripts.

Khilji destroyed the library for two reasons: his unsuccessful quest for the Quran and his desire to eradicate the fundamental teachings of Buddhism and Ayurveda.

The monastery was severely damaged, and the monks were killed during the attack, resulting in a tragic loss of knowledge and culture.

Despite its tragic end, Nalanda University remains a testament to India's rich intellectual and educational heritage.