Jun 13, 2024, 09:15 AM IST

When Aurangzeb's daughter fell in love with Chhatrapati Shivaji

Mahipal Chouhan

Shivaji's renown for bravery and courage defined his challenge against the Mughal emperor, establishing the Maratha Empire's foundation.

Aurangzeb's daughter, Zeb-un-Nissa, fell in love with Shivaji upon their initial encounter, despite their differing backgrounds and statuses.

Zeb-un-Nissa, eldest daughter of Aurangzeb and Queen Dilras Bano Begum, held a significant position within the Mughal imperial family.

Zeb-un-Nissa's education and interests in literature, art, law, and history distinguished her as one of the most educated in Mughal society.

Shivaji and Zeb-un-Nissa's first meeting occurred during an official court session in Agra under Aurangzeb's presence.

Observing Shivaji's defiance and bravery in court, Zeb-un-Nissa developed admiration and romantic feelings for him.

Allegedly, Zeb-un-Nissa played a role in aiding Shivaji's escape from Aurangzeb's captivity, highlighting her support for him.

Zeb-un-Nissa was captivated by Shivaji's conduct, finding his bravery and demeanor in court reminiscent of her ideals of heroism.

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