Jun 11, 2024, 07:18 PM IST

What is Bikini Atoll and where is it located?

Jaisal Kaur

The word Bikini Atoll literally known as  'coconut place’.

Bikini, atoll is located in the Ralik chain of the Marshall Islands in the central Pacific Ocean.

It comprises of 23 islands surrounding a 229.4-sqm central lagoon. 

The Atoll is at the northern end of the Ralik Chain, around 530 miles (850 km) northwest of the capital Majuro.

After Second World War, the atoll was selected by the United States as a nuclear weapon testing site. 

The island's English name is derived from German colonial name Bikini given to the atoll when it was part of German New Guinea.

Located north of the Equator, Bikini is (360 km) northwest of Kwajalein Atoll and (305 km) east of Enewetak.