Jun 25, 2024, 01:29 PM IST

Sunita Williams' life in danger?

Sonali Sharma

Nasa’s Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams is likely to stay in space for a few more days, as NASA has further postponed the Boeing Starliner's return to Earth from the International Space Station. 

Sunita William was expected to return from space on June 18, but her coming back home to Earth is getting postponed

The new return date has still not been finalised after NASA had confirmed July 2 as re-entry date

The unexpected delay is a result of helium leak on the Starliner. Shockingly, new CBS News report unravels how despite deeming the rocket safe for launch both NASA and Boeing managers were aware of the leak

It has been reported that the Indian-origin astronaut and others might be in danger due to a 'space bug'.

Williams along with other crew members might be in danger due to a ‘space bug’.

This bug is capable of causing health issues by infecting the respiratory system of the astronaut or their crew members

Astronauts work in confined environments in space, surviving on limited supplies of water. 

Their experiments require strict containment, and it becomes even more vital to control any contamination under such circumstances, the European Space Agency explains