Feb 25, 2024, 11:07 AM IST

Secrets of Aghoris and their supernatural powers

Ritik Raj

From 3 kinds of sadhana, Aghori obtains 6 types of powers, which they call 6 siddhis.

Even after achieving strong Siddhis, these Aghori have very simple and pure minds. If no one interferes with their spiritual practice or challenges their abilities, they will be happy with themselves.

The Aghor sect is assiduous, like their Shiva, that is, self-indulgent; they do not hold hatred or jealousy towards anyone.

Let us explain the powers equipped by Aghoris and the Siddhi that each power bestows upon them.

Desired Avati Shakti: After achieving this power, Aghori becomes eligible to give boons; in other words, they can grant anyone's wishes.

Yachan Shakti: is the second power of the Aghor sect. After attaining this power, Aghori are able to fulfil their wishes; through this power, Aghori can obtain whatever they desire.

Shravan shakti: is the third power of the Aghor sect; once achieved, Aghori becomes the most subtle and secret listener, with the ability to contact the heavenly realms.

Kriya Shakti: is the fourth power in this sequence. When the Aghori proves the mantra received in Guru Diksha, he gains the ability and consciousness to remain active indefinitely.

Entry Avati Shakti: Avati is the fifth power of the Aghor sect; it is difficult to attain this power; once attained, the seeker becomes Trikaldarshi, allowing the seeker to become one with everyone's inner consciousness; after attained, Aghori can also tell you about your past and which is your birthplace.

Swamyartha Shakti: is the sixth power, and once attained, the Aghori becomes the king of his own mind, able to control it by establishing all of his own rules.