Jun 22, 2024, 08:31 PM IST

Rivers that produce gold

Shivam Verma

Rivers have long been associated with the allure of gold.

While rivers themselves don't produce gold, they can transport tiny flecks of it over long distances.

These flecks originate from gold deposits within rocks that are eroded by water and weather.

Over time, these gold particles get washed downstream and settle in riverbeds, particularly along curves and gravel bars where the water slows down.

Subarnarekha River (India): Local communities have traditionally used panning techniques to extract the precious metal from the river's sands.

Klondike River (Canada): The river is etched in history thanks to the famous Gold Rush of 1896.

Yuba River (California, USA): Important during the California Gold Rush with rich gold deposits and dredging activities.