Feb 26, 2024, 06:25 PM IST

Razia Sultan lost Delhi Sultanate throne after falling in love with this man

Shivam Verma

Razia Sultan was the daughter of Sultan Iltutmish, who ruled the Delhi Sultanate in the 13th century.

She was highly educated and skilled in administration and warfare, traits uncommon for women of her time.

Razia Sultan's love story revolves around her relationship with Jamaluddin Yakut, a Turkish slave who rose to prominence in her father's court.

Yakut was not only her confidant but also her lover, and their relationship was controversial due to societal norms and the fact that Yakut was a slave.

Their love story faced numerous challenges, including political intrigue and conspiracies from rivals who sought to undermine Razia's authority.

Razia's boldness and her refusal to conform to traditional gender roles made her a target for criticism and opposition.

Unfortunately, their love story came to a tragic end when Razia Sultan was overthrown and killed in a rebellion led by some of her nobles.