Jun 17, 2024, 09:02 AM IST

Places on Earth where gravity doesn't work

Shivam Verma

Mystery Spot, California: A popular tourist attraction where objects and people appear to tilt even though the trees and structures are aligned straight up.

Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick: This is another optical illusion where the layout of the land tricks the eye into perceiving a slight downhill slope as an uphill one.

St. Ignace Mystery Spot, Michigan: Similar to the Mystery Spot in California, this location features various physical phenomena that challenge perception of gravity.

Spook Hill, Florida: Cars left out of gear at the bottom of the hill seem to roll up the incline, a classic example of a gravity hill, caused by an optical illusion.

Electric Brae, Scotland: A gravity hill where cars appear to roll uphill, a result of the surrounding landscape creating an optical illusion.

Reverse Waterfall, Faroe Islands: Here, strong winds push the water flowing over cliffs back upwards, creating the illusion of a waterfall flowing in reverse.