Apr 19, 2024, 08:09 PM IST

People with highest IQs in world

Ritik Raj

Albert Einstein: Albert Einstein is well-known for his contributions to quantum mechanics and the development of the theory of relativity. In theoretical physics, he is the epitome of brilliance.

Terence Tao: A renowned mathematician, Terence Tao has pioneered advances in additive combinatorics, partial differential equations, and harmonic analysis.

Marilyn Vos Savant: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Marilyn Vos Savant has the highest recorded IQ. She is well known for her exceptional intelligence and aptitude for solving problems.

Leonardo da Vinci: Known for his prolific contributions to anatomy, science, engineering, and the arts, Leonardo da Vinci was a Renaissance polymath.

Christopher Hirata: Throughout his remarkable career, astronomer and former child prodigy Christopher Hirata has persistently demonstrated exceptional aptitude in mathematics and physics.

William James Sidis: One of the smartest people in history, according to many, was William James Sidis. He is well known for his extraordinary aptitude in both linguistics and mathematics.

Katherine Johnson: was a physicist and mathematician who made important contributions to NASA's initial space programmes, such as Apollo.

Christopher Michael Langan: This man gained notoriety for putting forth the "Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe" and claiming a high IQ. Even though his IQ is still unofficially estimated, he is still regarded as having a high IQ.

Stephen Hawking: A well-known theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Hawking is best known for his best-selling book "A Brief History of Time" and his groundbreaking research on black holes.