Jun 16, 2024, 05:35 PM IST

Most torturous execution methods in history

Pavan Naidu

From ancient civilizations to medieval times, the evolution of execution methods reflects the barbarity and cruelty that once prevailed in societies worldwide. Here are the most torturous exceution methods in history.

A brutal method of execution, involved the victim being nailed or tied to a cross. This form of punishment was used by ancient civilizations for various crimes, including rebellion and treason.


In this torturous method, the victim was first stripped and then executioner would remove the skin from the body with a sharp blade, often as a form of punishment or torture throughout history.


The victim would be forced to open his mouth into which heated gold was poured down their throat.

Molten Gold

A gruesome method of punishment involved placing a cage filled with rodents on the victim's body. As the rodents sought escape, they gnawed through the victim's flesh, causing excruciating pain 

Rat Torture

The gruesome execution method of the Roman candle involved prisoners being tied to a stake and mercilessly subjected to the torturous flames.

The Roman Candle

Also known as Scaphism, the Boats was a method of execution where the victim was sandwiched between two canoes or halves of a log with arms, legs and head out and be left in the middle of a stagnant body of water.

The Boats

It involved using a table with the victim’s hands and legs tied with axles at both end. It would  stretch the victim's body to excruciating lengths, causing immense pain.

The Rack

The Impalement punishment was a brutal method of execution used in various historical contexts. This form of punishment involved inserting a sharp object, such as a stake, through the body of the victim.

The Impalement