Mar 2, 2024, 04:02 PM IST

Meet Malik Ambar, who defeated Mughal in all battles

Mahipal Chouhan

Malik Ambar, originally known as Chapu, arrived in India as a slave under Genghis Khan, gaining military expertise during this period.

After gaining freedom upon Changez Khan's death, Malik Ambar rose to power, preventing complete Mughal dominance over the Deccan region.

To escape poverty, Malik Ambar recruited slaves, forming a formidable army in the Deccan amid power struggles in Ahmednagar.

After the Mughals captured Ahmednagar, Malik Ambar strategically placed Murtaza Nizam Shah on the throne in 1601.

Despite not becoming Sultan himself, Malik Ambar controlled the government, marrying his daughter to Murtaza Nizam Shah to strengthen ties.

When Jahangir sought to reclaim Deccan lands, Malik Ambar's guerrilla warfare tactics thwarted the Mughal army's attempts.

Malik Ambar's influence grew, reclaiming Ahmednagar's fort from the Mughals, leading to frustration for Jahangir.

Even after Malik Ambar's death in 1626, his strategic brilliance prevented the Mughals from entering the Deccan during his tenure.

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