Jun 23, 2024, 06:37 PM IST

King Cobra vs Russell Viper: Which is more dangerous

Shweta Singh

Russell's Viper venom is more toxic, causing severe tissue damage and organ failure, while King Cobra venom induces paralysis and respiratory failure.

King Cobra's neurotoxic venom is injected through fangs, affecting the nervous system, whereas Russell's Viper delivers hemotoxins causing rapid tissue damage.

King Cobra, the longest venomous snake, possesses formidable strength for venom delivery, while Russell's Viper compensates with efficient venom injection despite its smaller size.

Russell's Viper exhibits aggressive behavior, often striking multiple times when threatened, while King Cobras are generally reclusive but can be aggressive if provoked.

Russell's Vipers are widespread in various habitats, increasing encounters with humans, while King Cobras prefer dense forests and have fewer interactions with humans.

Russell's Vipers contribute to more snakebite incidents and fatalities due to their aggressive nature and widespread distribution, compared to the less confrontational King Cobras.

Russell's Viper antivenom is more accessible in regions where it's endemic, providing better treatment outcomes for victims, while King Cobra antivenom availability might vary.

Both snakes play vital ecological roles as top predators, controlling prey populations, with King Cobras additionally regulating snake populations by preying on other snakes.