Jun 6, 2024, 02:46 PM IST

Jet vs Plane: What is the difference?

Pravrajya Suruchi

Engine Type: Jet is powered by jet engines that use continuous, high-velocity gas propulsion whereas planes can have various engine types, including jet engines, turboprop engines, piston engines.

Speed and Altitude:  Jet is generally much faster than planes.  

Sound:  Jet is much louder due to the high-powered jet engines than  planes. 

Fuel: Planes are often more fuel-efficient for shorter flights due to simpler engine designs.

Size: Jets are typically larger whereas planes can range in size from small private planes to medium-sized turboprops, suited for shorter routes or regional travel.

Runway requirements: Jet often require longer runways for takeoff while propeller planes often take off and land on shorter runways due to lower speed.  

Cost: Operating a jet is generally more expensive due to fuel costs while operating costs for propeller planes are typically lower.

This information is not DNA's opinion but obtained from media reports