Jun 16, 2024, 12:13 PM IST

India's last railway station

Mahipal Chouhan

Historical Significance: Singhabad Railway Station played a pivotal role during India's freedom struggle, serving as a major route to East Bengal (now Bangladesh).

British Era Construction: Built during British rule, the station retains its historical architecture, reflecting its colonial origins and past importance.

Current Isolation: Despite its rich history, Singhabad Railway Station is now deserted with no regular train services, leading to its current state of desolation.

Geopolitical Location: Located on the India-Bangladesh border, the station offers views of Bangladesh, symbolizing its strategic significance in regional connectivity.

Post-Independence Decline: After India's independence and the subsequent partition, the station's importance diminished, impacting its development and usage.

Cultural and Trade Hub: Formerly a vital link between Kolkata and Dhaka, Singhabad facilitated cultural exchange and trade, enhancing regional connectivity and prosperity.

Modern Role: Despite its decline, Singhabad continues to serve as a transit point for goods trains to Nepal, underscoring its enduring strategic importance.

Symbol of Neglect: Singhabad Railway Station stands as a symbol of neglect, contrasting its historical importance with its current state of abandonment and lack of development.

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