May 16, 2024, 02:08 PM IST

Humans who transformed themselves into animals

Ritik Raj

Zebra Man: Horace Ridler was a British sideshow performer well-known for his dramatic body modifications. He went by the aliases "The Great Omi" and "The Zebra Man.”

Cat woman: Jocelyn Wildenstein, popularly known as "Catwoman," has had multiple plastic surgery procedures to give her a feline appearance.

Ted Richards: also referred to as "Parrotman," has taken his passion for parrots to remarkable heights. His body has undergone several changes as he transitions into a human parrot.

Lizardman: Erik Sprague, a.k.a. "The Lizardman," is a performance artist who has had considerable body alteration done to mimic a lizard.

Dog Man: A man by the name of Toco has elevated his passion for dogs to a never-before-seen level by spending over 2 million yen (roughly $15,700) on a meticulously crafted, custom-made collie costume.

Dragon Lady: Eva Tiamat Medusa's quest to transcend human identity and take on the characteristics of the mythical creature that speaks to her is profoundly expressed in her transformation into "The Dragon Lady."