Jun 21, 2024, 08:19 PM IST

Countries with no Hindu population

Shweta Singh

Hinduism is not officially recognized, and public practice of religions other than Islam is restricted. The Hindu population is negligible due to strict religious laws and limited migration.

Saudi Arabia

The state promotes atheism and has a highly controlled society, leaving little room for any religious practices. There is no known Hindu population due to the repressive regime.

North Korea

Predominantly Muslim, Somalia has a very small number of religious minorities. The Hindu population is virtually non-existent due to the lack of migration and the country’s instability.


Yemen is overwhelmingly Muslim, with almost no religious diversity. The Hindu population is insignificant due to restrictive religious policies and ongoing conflicts.


This small island nation in the Pacific Ocean has a predominantly Christian population. Hinduism is practically absent, likely due to the country's geographic isolation and small population.


Another Pacific island nation with a predominantly Christian population, Kiribati has little to no Hindu presence. The small population and limited migration contribute to this.


The world's third smallest country by area has a primarily Christian population. Hinduism is almost non-existent here due to the nation's tiny size and isolated location.


Palau has a diverse but small population with a significant Christian majority. There is virtually no Hindu population due to limited migration and the small size of the country.


This island country in the central Pacific Ocean has a predominantly Christian population. Hinduism is not present, attributed to its remote location and small population.

Marshall Islands