May 29, 2024, 10:27 AM IST

Animals who stay cool even in hot weather

Kumar Vishnu Kant

From specialized body structures to behavioral strategies, animals have evolved unique ways to stay cool in the soaring temperature of summer.

Elephant : Elephants lower their temperature by more than 10 degree celsius just by flapping their ears.

Camels: Due to their ability to conserve water in their body for a long time, they can easily tolerate the heat.

Hippopotamus: Hippos stay cool by producing a shiny fluid from their skin and spending lots of time in water.

Desert Tortoise: They dig burrows to escape the heat and can survive long periods without water.

Rhinoceros: They roll in mud to cool down and protect themselves from the sun.

Whales: They live in water, which helps regulate their body temperature.

Koalas: They hug tree trunks because the trees are cooler than the surrounding air, and also provide shade.

Kangaroos : They lick their forearms to cool themselves through evaporative cooling.

These animals have developed various strategies to cope with hot weather, from physical adaptations like sweating shiny skin to behavioral adaptations like seeking shade or water.

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