Jun 21, 2024, 08:47 PM IST

Animals which are not loyal

Shweta Singh

While many cats form bonds with their owners, they are often seen as independent and less loyal compared to dogs.


Known for their parasitic breeding habits, cuckoo birds lay their eggs in the nests of other birds and abandon their offspring.

Cuckoo Birds

Female mantises are notorious for sometimes eating their mates after or during mating.

Praying Mantises

Similar to praying mantises, female black widows may kill and eat their mates after mating.

Black Widows

These small pets can be quite independent and often do not form strong bonds with their owners.


They are solitary creatures and do not exhibit loyalty to mates or offspring.


While they can be affectionate, rabbits often prefer their own company and do not form the same kind of loyalty as dogs.


Generally solitary and do not form bonds with humans or other snakes.


While social bonds can form in certain situations, tigers are typically solitary and do not exhibit loyalty towards others, including humans.