May 19, 2024, 12:32 AM IST

Animals that steal food from others

Pavan Naidu

Raccoons: Known for their intelligence and adeptness, raccoons raid trash cans and picnic baskets in search of tasty treats.

Seagulls: These coastal birds are known for swooping down to snatch food suddenly from people's hand.

Squirrels: With their paws and quick reflexes, squirrels are skilled at stealing nuts and seeds from bird feeders and gardens.

Crows: Crows are highly adaptable birds that scavenge for food and are known to steal from other bird nests.

Monkeys: Monkeys are notorious for stealing fruits, snacks, and even personal belongings from tourists.

Hyenas: Hyenas are known to steal prey from top predators, especially lions. They often roam in a clan around lions to steal the King of the Jungle’s prey.

Ants: Ants work together in coordinated raids to steal food from picnics in search of sugary treats.

 Foxes: Foxes are cunning species that will steal food from campsites, farms, and even other animals' dens.