May 28, 2024, 02:23 PM IST

Animals that don't breathe air

Deepika Shakya

Here's a list of animals that don't breathe air

Fish extract oxygen from water using their gills. Water passes over the gills and oxygen from the water is absorbed into their bloodstream.


Jellyfish don't have gills like fish, but they absorb oxygen directly from the water


These creatures have tiny respiratory trees inside their bodies, which allow them to extract oxygen from water.

Sea Cucumbers

Sea stars breathe through their skin, absorbing oxygen from the water around them.


Similar to sea stars, sea urchins absorb oxygen through their skin from the water.

Sea Urchins

Sponges have tiny pores all over their bodies through which water flows. They filter out oxygen from the water for respiration.


Animals that don't breathe air rely on various methods to obtain oxygen from water.