Jun 23, 2024, 06:14 PM IST

Animals that can see in the dark

Pavan Naidu

Have you ever wondered how some animals navigate through the darkness?

Here are seven creatures that possess the ability to see in darkness.

Owls are renowned for their exceptional night vision, thanks to their large eyes and specialized retina. These nocturnal hunters can spot their prey with pinpoint accuracy even in the darkest of nights.


Cats possess a unique layer of cells in their eyes which enhances their vision in low light conditions. This adaptation allows them to see clearly in the dark.


Using echolocation, bats emit high-frequency sounds that bounce off objects, enabling them to 'see' their surroundings through sound waves. This remarkable ability helps them hunt for prey and avoid obstacles in the dark.


These small creatures have incredibly large eyes relative to their body size, granting them exceptional night vision. Tarsiers can effortlessly spot insects and small prey in the dark.


Some snake species possess specialized pit organs that can detect infrared radiation, allowing them to 'see' heat signatures in complete darkness. This thermal vision aids in hunting and navigation.


With their oversized ears and large eyes, Aye-Ayes from Madagascar are well-adapted to their nocturnal lifestyle.


Geckos have unique eye structures that maximise light absorption, enhancing their vision in low light environments. These nocturnal creatures can effortlessly move and hunt in the dark.