Jun 24, 2024, 05:50 PM IST

Air hostesses wore bikinis in this airline company

Pavan Naidu

Every country boasts multiple airlines, each with its distinctive uniforms worn by cabin crew members while serving passengers.

Airline uniforms play a crucial role in the aviation industry, symbolising professionalism.

However, you will be surprised to know about this airline company where air hostesses wore bikinis and served passengers.

 VietJet, a private airline company started in 2011, became popular because of its unique dress code for air hostesses, which involved wearing a bikini.

Although the company’s name was VietJet, it was also renowned as “Bikini Airlines".

Moreover, the airlines were also slammed for their lack of respect towards the female crew members aboard the flight.

In 2012, VietJet also faced hefty fine by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam for their in-Flight Bikini Show.

Post this incident, the airline has now changed their cabin crew’s uniform to the traditional dress code of wearing shorts and shirts.