Jun 14, 2024, 11:05 PM IST

AI imagines Delhi Metro after 100 years

Pavan Naidu

Delhi Metro provides efficient transportation, offering a reliable mode of travel for citizens.

With its extensive network spanning various parts of the region, the metro system significantly reduces travel time for commuters.

The Delhi Metro was constructed by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). Construction work started in October 1998.

With interchanges with the Rapido Metro Gurgaon and Noida Metro, the Delhi Metro continues to expand its reach and connectivity, enhancing the commuting experience for millions of passengers.

Here's an AI image of the Delhi Metro after 100 years. 

The image captures a station of the Delhi Metro, showcasing the architectural brilliance and futuristic design that defines the metro network.

This is an image of a Delhi Metro train coach that might look like, fast-forwarding a hundred years into the future.