Apr 20, 2024, 06:24 PM IST

9 World's most expensive dishes of 2024

Varnika Srivastava

In November 2023, a 1.2 kg Matsuba snow crab, known for its sweet and succulent meat, was sold for over Rs 55 lakh in Japan's waters.

Matsuba crab

Thai Arabica coffee beans undergo unique fermentation in elephants' stomachs, giving it a less acidic flavor. High production costs Rs 2,55,700 per kg.

Black Ivory coffee 

The world's most expensive melon, the Yubari melons, are auctioned for their perfect spherical shape, sweet, and vibrant orange flesh.

Yubari King Melon 

Bird's nest soup, a rare Chinese delicacy, is consumed by the wealthiest people worldwide for its health benefits, costing up to Rs 9,000 in China.

Birds nest soup

Edible gold, a symbol of wealth and aesthetic appeal, is often used to garnish dishes, with a 25-sheet booklet weighing 22.7 grams in India priced around Rs 1,000.

Edible gold

In 2019, a Blue Fin Tuna, commonly used in sushi and sashimi, was sold at a Tokyo auction for $3 million, setting a new world record.

Blue Fin Tuna

The albino Beluga Sturgeon fish's eggs, often referred to as diamonds, are sold in 24-carat gold tins, symbolizing their exclusivity and luxury.

 Beluga Sturgeon fish's eggs

Wagyu beef, available in select Indian states and hotels, can cost up to Rs 40,000 per kg. Cattle fed beer and massaged are used.

Wagyu beef

Special hunting dogs are needed to locate rare Alba White truffle roots, which were purchased in Piedmont, Italy, for $14,645 and Rs 2 lakh in India in 2023.

White truffle