Jun 11, 2024, 01:43 PM IST

9 insects that mimic animals and objects for survival

Pravrajya Suruchi

Dead Leaf Moth: This master of disguise looks exactly like a fallen leaf when resting.

Orchid Mantis: This amazing mantis takes camouflage to a whole new level. 

Stick Insect: As the name suggests, stick insects look like sticks or twigs. Their slender bodies and brown coloring allow them to blend seamlessly with branches and foliage.

Hoverfly: These brightly colored flies mimic the appearance of wasps or bees. 

Viceroy Butterfly: This butterfly is a classic example of Batesian mimicry. It closely resembles the Monarch butterfly, a species distasteful to predators due to its toxic chemicals.

Milkweed Bug: While not exactly mimicking another animal, these brightly colored bugs mimic toxic Monarch butterflies in a way similar to the Viceroy butterfly.

Spiny-faced Assassin Bug:  This aptly named bug disguises itself with debris like twigs and leaves. 

Antlion: The larvae of antlions create clever pit traps in sand. Th

Whirligig Beetle: These beetles have a unique adaptation for both offense and defense.

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