Jun 23, 2024, 07:08 AM IST

8 snakes found exclusively in India

Mahipal Chouhan

Indian Cobra: Venomous, iconic snake with hood, found in varied habitats across India, known for its distinctive spectacle markings.

King Cobra: Largest venomous snake, revered yet dangerous, inhabits forests, known for hood and feeding on other snakes.

Russell's Viper: Highly venomous, aggressive snake found in diverse habitats, responsible for many snakebite deaths in India.

Saw-scaled Viper: Small but deadly snake, known for its distinctive scales that rub together to produce a warning sound.

Indian Rock Python: Large non-venomous snake, found in forests and grasslands, known for powerful constriction and ability to prey on mammals.

Indian Sand Boa: Non-venomous, burrowing snake adapted to sandy areas, often confused with venomous snakes due to appearance.

Indian Krait: Highly venomous nocturnal snake, known for neurotoxic venom, found in rural areas and responsible for fatal bites.

Indian Vine Snake: Slender, mildly venomous snake with elongated snout, arboreal and agile, found in various habitats across India.

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