Jun 16, 2024, 02:56 PM IST

8 people with highest IQs

Mahipal Chouhan

William James Sidis (IQ 250-300) - An American child prodigy who mastered several languages and advanced mathematics at a very young age.

Christopher Hirata (IQ 225) - An American astrophysicist and science prodigy who attained the highest score possible on the SAT test at age 13.

Michael Kearney (IQ 228) - An American who attended university at age 6 and taught college-level courses as a teenager.

Kim Ung-Yong (IQ 210) - A Korean civil engineer and former child prodigy who was invited to study physics at NASA at age 16.

Stephen Hawking (IQ 160-170) - The late renowned British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author.

Christopher Langan (IQ 195-210) - An American horse rancher and philosopher who is considered a modern-day renaissance man.

Terence Tao (IQ 230) - Australian-American mathematician, considered a child prodigy.

Philip Emeagwali (IQ 190) - A Nigerian computer scientist who won the Gordon Bell Prize for an application of a mathematical formula on a petroleum field.

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