Jun 13, 2024, 08:34 AM IST

8 most stunning pictures from James Webb Telescope

Mahipal Chouhan

Pillars of Creation: Detailed view of Eagle Nebula's gas and dust pillars, highlighting new star formation and intricate structure.

Stephan's Quintet: Colliding galaxies show shock waves and gas tails in Webb's infrared and X-ray combined observations.

The Southern Ring Nebula: Concentric gas and dust shells expelled by a dying star, demonstrating Webb's fine detail resolution.

Capturing Jupiter: Webb's sharp view of Jupiter's clouds, auroras, rings, and moons, a breakthrough after two decades.

Cartwheel Galaxy: Rare ring galaxy formed from a violent galactic collision, revealed in striking detail by Webb.

Carina Nebula: "Cosmic cliffs" of gas and dust where new stars form, showcasing Webb's high-resolution imaging capabilities.

Quintuple Merging Galaxy: Massive cluster of galaxies undergoing slow, billion-year merger, captured in unprecedented detail by Webb.

Interacting Galaxy Pair: Two galaxies distorted by gravity, revealing bright outflows of gas and dust in Webb's crisp image.

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