Jun 24, 2024, 09:18 AM IST

8 cute animals with a dangerous side

Mahipal Chouhan

Polar Bear: Adorable cubs, but adult polar bears are apex predators.

Slow Loris: Cute, with large eyes, but their bite can be venomous.

Poison Dart Frog: Vibrant colors make them cute, but their skin secretes deadly toxins.

Hippopotamus: Cute in appearance, but they are highly aggressive and can be deadly.

Koala: Adorable and cuddly-looking, but can deliver a nasty bite.

Mongoose: Small and curious, but they are fearless hunters known for their agility.

Sloth Bear: Cute and cuddly-looking, but can be quite aggressive and have powerful claws.

Elephant Seal: Large and impressive, but males can be territorial and aggressive.

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