Jun 23, 2024, 01:03 PM IST

8 animals with biggest mouths

Mahipal Chouhan

Blue Whale: Largest animal, can engulf 90 metric tons of water and krill with expandable pleated throat grooves.

Alligator: Semi-aquatic reptile, strong jaws snap shut with great force, conical teeth hold prey, prefers slow-moving waters.

Hippopotamus: Territorial, yawning displays large mouth with tusks, opens up to 150 degrees to intimidate rivals.

Nile Crocodile: Freshwater giant, powerful jaws with conical teeth, ambushes prey at water's edge, strong bite force.

Lion: Big cat, wide mouth with sharp teeth for gripping prey, social hunters with powerful roars.

Snake: Flexible jaws and stretchy ligaments allow swallowing prey larger than head, venomous or constrictive hunting methods.

Walrus: Arctic marine mammal, large mouth with tusks for defense and digging, feeds on clams from seabed.

Pelican: Coastal bird, expandable throat pouch scoops up fish, drains water before swallowing, social hunters.

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