May 20, 2024, 07:55 AM IST

7 oldest animal species

Ritik Raj

Here is a list of 7 oldest animal species that are still alive

Horseshoe Crab: This marine arthropod, which has been around for more than 450 million years, is significant for medical research because of its unique blue blood properties.

Nautilus: For hundreds of millions of years, the mantis prawn, an ancient cephalopod with spiral shells, has thrived in deep ocean environments.

Lamprey: For 360 million years, this species of fish, which has a mouth like a sucker and no jaw, has lived in freshwater environments all over the world.

Crocodile: Apex predators with a broad range of environmental adaptations, crocodiles have lived in semi-aquatic habitats for 55 million years.

Goblin Shark: This unusual deep-sea shark species has been around for 125 million years and has barely changed. It is distinguished by its elongated snout and unique jaw mechanism.

Coelacanth: This deep-sea fish, thought to be extinct for 66 million years, was discovered to be alive and provides information about the evolution of prehistoric vertebrates.

Dragonflies: 325 million years ago, these enormous, winged, ancient insects first appeared. Their hunting prowess and remarkable aerial flexibility are well known.