Mar 3, 2024, 06:50 PM IST

7 fiercest rivalries in the animal kingdom

Pavan Naidu

Nature is full of intense rivalries, where animals fight for prey and territories. Here are 7 of the fiercest rivalries in the animal kingdom.

Crocodile vs Anaconda

Both are amongst the fiercest predators in the animal kingdom. With crocodiles having the strongest bites and Anaconda’s bone-crushing ability to squeeze its opponent, it makes for an epic battle between the largest reptiles in the world.

Mongoose vs Cobra

Mongoose and Cobra have been arch-enemies ever since they existed. Snakes often eat the babies of the mongoose. As a repercussion, mongoose attacks the snakes to protect their young. It’s been believed that mongoose are immune to venomous snake’s deadly bite. Whenever they engage in a brawl, 80% of the time, it’s the mongoose that wins the battle.

Elephants vs Rhinoceros

These two large mammals are known for their strongest rivalry. Although elephants are bigger and more powerful, rhinos have their sharp horns which they use against their enemy.

 In the Ocean’s depths,  Orca’s kills often include Great White sharks. Sharks on the other hand can defend themselves well but not strongly enough to take on an orca.

Killer whale (Orca) vs Great white shark

Eagle vs Snake

Eagles are known for their incredible hunting skills, but they often face off against snakes, especially when the snake poses a threat to their nest or territory. 

Lions vs Hyenas

Lions and hyenas are one of the fiercest rivals in the animal kingdom. Their rivalry is more reflected when the two fight over food. Usually, hyenas follow lions to steal their prey. While the king of the jungle is more powerful, hyenas are found in larger packs, which creates a fierce battle between the two.