May 28, 2024, 10:13 AM IST

7 bizarre laws in North Korea

Shivam Verma

North Korea recently introduced a new law with the aim to curb the South Korean influence.

The law is to prevent ‘immoral and evil’ South Korean influence in the North.

North Korea recently banned red lipstick as they see it as a symbol of capitalism rather than communism.

Kim Jong Un has also banned blue jeans, piercings, and some hairstyles.

Black trench coats or Kim Jong Un's signature swept-back hairstyle, are prohibited, as the supreme leader doesn't want people to copy him.

Moving from one province to another, or traveling abroad without prior approval, is illegal in North Korea.

People who push these boundaries might be punished, fined, or their clothes could be cut up so they don't wear them anymore.

Image source: Pixabay/Reuters