Jun 14, 2024, 06:43 PM IST

7 birds that can swim

Pavan Naidu

While swimming is a skill usually associated with aquatic animals, some birds can also swim or dive in water.

Here are seven birds that also have the ability to swim in water.

These flightless birds are renowned for their agility underwater, using their flipper-like wings to move themselves through the ocean.


With their feet providing excellent paddling power, ducks are not only waddlers on land but also can swim. You can spot them gliding across ponds and lakes


 Swans have the capability of covering long distances with their strong webbed feet.


Known for their excellent diving abilities, cormorants are underwater hunters, propelling themselves through the water with remarkable agility to catch fish.


Despite their large wingspan used for soaring high in the skies, albatrosses use their wings to dive underwater in search of food.


These birds are not just known for their iconic throat pouches but also for their skillful swimming techniques.


Grebes can swim in water with their lobed toes enabling them to navigate through water with remarkable agility and speed.