Apr 15, 2024, 02:07 PM IST

7 animals with the best sense of smell

Shivam Verma

Bloodhound: Renowned for its ability to track scents over long distances, often used in search and rescue missions.

Elephant: They have a highly developed olfactory system, which they use for communication, finding food, and detecting predators.

Grizzly Bear: Their keen sense of smell helps them locate food sources from great distances, including buried carcasses.

Moose: With an acute sense of smell, moose can detect predators and locate food even under thick snow cover.

Shark: Though often overlooked, sharks have a remarkable sense of smell, using it to detect prey from far away.

Mole: Despite their small size, moles have a powerful sense of smell, aiding them in finding food underground.

African Elephant: Similar to their Asian counterparts, African elephants possess an excellent sense of smell, crucial for survival in their vast habitats.