May 27, 2024, 05:06 PM IST

7 animals that hunt crocodiles

Ritik Raj

Tigers: In areas where their habitats overlap, tigers have been observed to hunt crocodiles, particularly when the latter encroach on the tiger's territory.

Hippos: In rare instances of aggressiveness or territorial disputes, hippos have attacked crocodiles with violence.

Jaguars: In their natural environments, where their ranges overlap, jaguars—being expert hunters—have been observed to hunt and kill crocodiles.

Elephants: When there is a territorial overlap close to water sources, elephants have exhibited aggressive behaviour towards crocodiles that could endanger their young.

Huge Pythons: It has been reported that certain large python species, like the Burmese python, ambush and subdue small to medium-sized crocodiles, eventually swallowing them whole.

Lions: Since they are apex predators, lions have been known to attack and kill crocodiles, especially when they are close to the water's edge.

Piranhas: Although they do not directly harm adult crocodiles, piranhas occasionally consume the carcasses of deceased or wounded crocodiles.